Información del Proyecto


The work has a total length of 27 km that are divided into two very different sub-sections:
The first sub-section RioFrio-Loja has a length of 11 km and has a winding path with a narrow platform and a half-slope for the most part, built at the end of the 19th century.
The second sub-section Loja-Tocón has a length of 16 km and corresponds to one of the sections of the high-speed line of the Transversal Railway Axis of Andalusia, executed in 2004. It presents a platform for double track of 14.80 m wide for the most part.
The project contemplates all the actions in platform and way necessary for the implantation of a single, electrified, mixed gauge track that allows the traffic of trains with Iberian gauge and UIC in perfect safety conditions for rail traffic:
• Improvement of the performance of the line, optimizing the existing layout but without introducing layout variants, suppressing all the level crossings and installing an enclosure in the whole section.
• Implementation of a mixed gauge track that allows the circulation of trains with UIC and Iberian width.
• Construction of a pedestrian walkway at the San Francisco stop.
• Remodeling of the current Loja station through the construction of a new passenger building, assembly of two mixed routes and execution of platforms.
• Use of existing bridges or structures, with the corresponding rehabilitation actions according to their conservation status.
• Actions on embankments and dismantling of the line that present stability problems.
• Adaptation of the platform to house the facilities and electrification required by the high-speed line.
• Reinforcement actions in tunnels and assembly of track in plate.