Información del Proyecto



The purpose of this project is to develop, define and evaluate the works that comprise the execution of a new Machinery Park for the Municipal Cleaning Service.
This Machinery Park will cover, in addition to the places required for parking the 103 vehicles provided, the following needs:
 Laundry capable of serving trucks.
 Water tank of at least 25,000 liters.
 Offices
 Changing rooms and toilets for:
o Male, 55 operators in the maximum shift.
 Capacity to install 135 lockers.
o Female, 10 operators in the maximum turn.
 Capacity to install 15 lockers.
 Control booth at the entrance
 Arrangement area and container stock of about 1,000 m².
 Enclosure of the entire enclosure.
 And other necessary facilities, water, sanitation lighting ... etc.