Información del Proyecto


The beach of Mazagón has a total length of about 9000 meters, being 3500 meters in the area of ​​west to the Port and 5500 meters in the east. It has an average width of 80 meters, although with great spatial variation being remarkably more extensive in the eastern part, where the sediment to barlomar of the Port accumulates.
It is an urban beach that develops along the urban front of Mazagón. Towards the east of the urban core, the beach continues in its natural state, bordered by a sandy cliff on which a valuable dune system is located, with high landscape value.
It has a fine golden sand, which together with the services it presents (toilets, showers, hospitality, etc.) make it a very busy beach during the bathing season.
The purpose of the project is to provide services to the Coastal Provincial Service in Huelva for the drafting of the “Rehabilitation Project for Mazagón Beach, western sector, T.M. Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) ”. As requirements of the Project, the need to increase the width of the dry beach, which is currently in a regression state, is highlighted, for which the regeneration profile study is carried out. It includes the study of the need to have levees and their type, as well as the loans and quarries available for the origin of materials.