Información del Proyecto


The coastal section between Puerto La Bajadilla and Punta Ancón has undergone great variations over the last decades. These variations are not only reflected in the continuous changes that the dry beach width has undergone due to the action of the current coastal dynamics, but also in the execution and / or demolition of maritime infrastructures (perpendicular breakwaters, exempt breakwaters, ports, etc. ) that man has carried out on this coastline front.
The purpose of the contract is the drafting of the Beach Regeneration Project between Venus Beach and Punta El Ancón. T.M. de Marbellla (Málaga), also including the drafting of a Basic Project for the remodeling of the promenade throughout the study section and a single document necessary for the corresponding environmental assessment process.
The section of coast object of action, includes from west to east the beaches of El Ancón, Nagüeles, Casablanca, Fontanilla, El Faro, La Venus and La Bajadilla.