Información del Proyecto


The section that runs from the south of the port of Valencia to Cape Cullera, is in a state of serious regression mainly due to the lack of sedimentary contributions from the Turia river and the coast north of the port, due to the shadow and diffraction effect that cause the shelter works of this port and the transport of continuous longitudinal longitudinal sediments towards the south that produce the most energetic storms, of NE origin.
The purpose of this project is the definition of the regeneration of the coastal front between the southern breakwater of Pinedo beach and the Gola de Puchol with an extension of about 7,000 meters, as well as the design and dimensioning of the breakwaters that define the extension of this Gola.
In September 2018, prior to the drafting of this Construction Project, the Study of Alternatives of the Regeneration of the beaches of Saler and Garrofera (Valencia) was written. It concludes that the best option for the defense of the beach is the restitution of the current shoreline to its position in 1965 and the prolongation of the Gola de Puchol that allows the support of the spilled material.