Información del Proyecto


At present, the fishermen's huts of the Port of Motril, located in the vicinity of the Pequero pier, present a series of conditions that give rise to a situation of poor hygiene and safety. The state of the booths themselves, deteriorated by the lack of maintenance and seniority, the complex access and transit, where the “free” and “restricted” access to the port converge and the need to improve the minimum services and supplies for proper use of the booths give rise to a project to reform this infrastructure.
The purpose of this project is the implementation of 32 fully equipped, with free access to the Pesquero and Lonja port, without restrictions or crossings with restricted or limited access to the rest of the Port.
These booths will be optimally located inside the fishing port, ensuring the minimum route from the boats and the fish market. The new distribution of the booths will allow a reordering of this sector of the port so that both users of the booths and other users of the port can live together without generating incompatibilities or limitations.
The new booths, once finished, will guarantee a notable improvement in health and hygiene conditions for sea workers currently lacking.
The elimination of crosses, rearrangement and proximity directly affect greater productivity in fishing logistics operations. The competitiveness of the fishing port will be directly increased while minimizing and preventing the probability of accidents. Changing rooms and toilets for men and women are also planned separately to favor the integration of women in the fishing sector. The new facilities complete with electricity and ACS will result in an improvement in the working conditions of the workers in the sector. These actions will eliminate part of the recorded causes of accident generation at the port.
This action is planned as part of a major project in which a rearrangement of the port is pursued to favor access to the fishing port, improving its accessibility and safety by making them exclusive, thus avoiding the crossing of roads. For this, the future execution of an overpass over the booths themselves is planned.