Información del Proyecto


This action is included within the constituents of the A-33 motorway from Jumilla (Murcia) to Fuente de la Higuera (Community of Valencia). The section that concerns us will cross the municipality of Caudete, in the province of Albacete (Castilla La Mancha).
The total length of the trunk is 6,977 meters. Along which the following links are located:
- Link with N-344
- Caudete link N-344
- Branch of connection with the A-31 (at the end of the route)
The beginning of the route of this section of the A-33 begins west of the town of Caudete (Albacete), coinciding with the start of the variant to the town of La Mancha. In order to minimize occupancy in the municipality environment, the new infrastructure sits on the corridor of the current N-344. The layout requirements of a national highway and a highway are different, which is why sometimes, the A-33 deviates minimally from the existing route.
The link with the projected N-344, in coordination with the local administration, follows the scheme of a diamond with weights, to which some modifications have been made in accordance with the characteristics required for a highway, and to be able to fit it into the small available space.
The new Caudete Variant is developed in a double carriageway with a median of 10 m. The extension of the variant involves the modification of the structures of the route and the slope, which has been optimized by improving the drainage and permeability of the areas separated by the N-344, for which the road has been elevated on an embankment of greater height.
This entire area north of the town is an area declared a Sensitive Zone in application of Law 9/1999, of May 26, on Nature Conservation. It is about Flood Plains, considered geomorphological elements of interest, that extend around the nucleus of Caudete, so that the route inevitably crosses part of this space. That is why two viaducts (PP.KK 17 + 000 and 19 + 200, approx.) Have been projected to drain with guarantee and laminate the maximum avenue, since there is no defined channel that concentrates the volume of water in the Basin, watershed, catchment area, socket, bowl, hollow.
In the P.K. 20 + 600 the existing link has been restructured. At this point a single depressed roundabout has been raised maintaining the same movements is that in origin. From this link, called Caudete N-344, a branch is born that connects with the main street of Caudete (former crossing of the N-344), where another roundabout is projected to improve all the movements of the intersection.
This new link is located very close to the Caudete railway station. The crossing of the A-33 with the railroad has been consulted with the General Directorate of Albacete of Infrastructure Maintenance of the Railway Infrastructure Manager (ADIF). This entity has prepared a report transmitting the concerns and characteristics necessary for its design, which have been contemplated in the projected structure.
A kilometer later, the crossing takes place at a different level with the N-344 (P.K. 21 + 700). Due to the existing deviation between the two roads and the possible unfolding that can be undertaken on the national highway, the N-344 is saved by a viaduct with supports between adjacent roads.
Due to the proximity between these 4 elements: the link of Caudete N-344, the passage with the railway, the N-344 and the branch of connection with the A-31; it was decided not to develop a link on the national highway and improve access to the town, conditioning and expanding the entrance of the N-344 to Caudete on the Via del FF.CC. With this fact, the Caudete N-344 Link not only does not reduce the occupation of the infrastructure on the land in development in the town of La Mancha, but all movements are redirected through the link in P.K. 20 + 600, the accesses in the A-33 and the signaling are simplified, and possible double routes are eliminated.
The final point of the project coordinated with the subsequent section of the A-33 is P.K. 22 + 977,644. Up to this point, the highway runs in clearing, ascending gently and then descending (Kv = 15,300) to the junction point with a radius of 6,000 m. The connection is made on a slope of -3.75%.
The branch with the A-31 direction Alicante has been designed in coordination with the subsequent section. In this sense, from P.K. 22 + 600 the type section of the trunk of the highway varies with respect to the one that is developed throughout the route, adopting the type section of the project of the later section in order to give continuity to the A-33.