Información del Proyecto


The drinking water network that runs through the streets of the Barrio de la Cañada de Hidum, belonging to District V of the Autonomous City of Melilla, currently has a series of deficiencies such as:
 Numerous breaks, almost daily, due to the age of the conduits, which produces a significant economic damage to the City.
 Unplanned urban growth, which makes current networks do not coincide with passable public roads, which greatly complicates repair work and creates inconvenience for users in the area
 A very complex layout.
 The absence of sectorization in the network.
The main purpose is to eliminate the economic damage for the Autonomous City and the inconveniences caused by the water cuts to the users of the Neighborhood, generated by the high number of breaks in the current supply network.
The works consist of the construction of a supply network, sized for the current and future needs of the Neighborhood, by means of a main perimeter ring and branches that give rise to secondary rings from which the secondary network starts, achieving a perfect sectorization of the installation. Being its route along the walkable road. All the domestic connections will be executed, as well as the hydrants for the Fire Service.
The objectives are:
 Increase the efficiency of the use of water resources.
 Increase the guarantee of drinking water supply.
 Improve the quality of the water supplied.
 Comply with the Water Framework Directive.
 Comply with the Water Management Plan of the Autonomous City of the City.
 Hydrological rehabilitation of the basin.
 Improvement and modernization of the water distribution hydraulic infrastructure to the population.
 Improvement of the economic management of water resources.
 Contribute to the fulfillment of environmental objectives