Información del Proyecto



The purpose of the Contract is the provision of Technical Assistance consulting services to support the Infrastructure Department in the coordination of projects and works (fiscal year 2018/2019) in PUERTO DE MELILLA.
Among the activities to be carried out are those of cost management, deadlines and documentation of the different works, as well as Technical Office, integrating the results and providing an overview of all of them. Likewise, the interferences between the different works and their impact on the whole of the action are analyzed, proposing decision alternatives oriented to the final objective established by the Port Authority of Melilla.
The following activities stand out:
• Preparation and Review of Projects: the preparation and / or revision of the projects or technical prescriptions delivered by the editorial teams is carried out, in order to adapt them to the fulfillment of the cost, term and quality requirements established by the Port Authority of Melilla.
• Value engineering: within the review process as well as in the later phase of the work, different value engineering proposals are made in which variations of construction processes, work planning, etc. are proposed, which allow reducing the risks derived from the Deviations in cost and term.
• Collaboration assistance in the construction phase: technically collaborates in the supervision of the works and support to the Management of the same.
• Support to the Department: other studies, developments, budgets and controls related to the previous ones are carried out.
• Economic control of the Department: economic control is carried out by means of a computer platform enabled by the Port Authority of Melilla.