The Marbella City Council highlights the formalization of the contract for the drafting of the stabilization project for the beaches of Marbella on the stretch between La Venus and El Ancón



The Local Government Board, held today, has realized the signing of the contract for the drafting of the beach regeneration project in the section between La Venus and El Ancón. "The stabilization of the coast has always been a priority for the City Council," said Romero, who recalled that the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has held several meetings in this regard. "The first of them, in October 2018, to guarantee the execution of the deadlines agreed by the previous National Executive and, the second, in July of this year," said Romero, who added in this case that "there was He tells the Consistory of the decision of the Sub-Directorate General for the protection of the coast to carry out the tender of the environmental study, as well as the award that had occurred from the drafting of the regeneration project between La Venus and El Ancón to the company Betancourt Ingenieros SLP for 35,065 euros, VAT excluded ”.

After signing the contract, they begin to count the deadlines to be able to finish that contracted service, explained the municipal spokesman. “The formalization has been published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on September 19, the date after which eight months must be counted, specifically in May 2020, in order to have the final project for the regeneration of beaches between La Venus and El Ancón ”, Romero said, who said that“ we have also requested the central government to take steps to complete the execution of the project in the area of ​​Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara produce at the same time because the stabilization of beaches throughout the municipality is a priority for us. ” The mayor also recalled that "the offer of the City Council to assume the cost of the regeneration and stabilization of the beaches continues on the table."