12/21/2018 The Board finalizes the commissioning of the Albuñol treatment plant and delivery to the Commonwealth of the Coast.


The Regional Ministry of Environment and Land Management of the Board has delivered this Friday from the Wastewater Purification Station (WWTP) of Albuñol (Granada) to the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa Tropical after completing its commissioning .
The territorial delegate of the Environment, Immaculate Oria, who has participated in the ceremony with the mayor of Albuñol, María José Sánchez, and the president of the Commonwealth, Sergio García Alabarce, explained that this infrastructure will benefit a population of almost 15,000 people and represents a momentous step forward to improve sanitation and wastewater treatment services in the area.
Built on the right bank of the Rambla de Albuñol, the station has had a budget of 5.5 million euros financed through the Canon of Improvement of Hydraulic Infrastructures and has had two years of execution. Once built, the ownership goes to the municipality of Albuñolense that gives it to the regional entity.The action, which was declared of Interest of the Autonomous Community, allows to treat and return to the sea in optimal conditions the wastewater generated by this municipality, thus fulfilling the objectives set by the Community directive in this matter.